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Marche Country For Vacation Homes

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In Marche, Italy, there’s a lot of incredible stuff that attracts tourists from around the world.

When it comes to vacationing, Marche is growing on the list of destinations that people want to visit and enjoy when touring Europe.

With that, many real estate investors have taken to attempting to set up vacation homes for people using VRBO or AirBnB, similar to much of the rest of the world.

Since there’s a lot of beach town vibe in Marche, it’s becoming increasingly popular with people involved in real estate.

Beach homes are generally one of the most sought after spots for people vacationing for the summer or traveling through multiple countries.

Because of that, the occupancy rate for vacation homes like that are really very high.

Sometimes booked for months in advance.

With Marche’s popularity climbing (it used to be considered a poorer area), the development or rehabilitation of local homes are on the rise as well.

The factors to consider when looking to acquire a vacation home


There are some things to consider when looking to purchase or set up a vacation home.

First of all, if you don’t already own a home, one option you can look into is a master-lease, where you lease a property with the intention and permission of turning it into a short-term rental property.

Then, realistically, how popular will the location be?

Generally, the occupancy rates will be quite high, but there are certain areas that are less than ideal and the bookings may suffer from it.

Additionally, are there certain times of the year or seasons where the home may not be booked as much?

Now, looking into the actual operating costs, it’s important to factor in things like consistent cleaning, property management, repairs and maintenance, electrical, internet, and other utilities or services that may be in use in the home.

All these things add to the monthly overall cost of the property, and they’re a factor when identifying what the profit margin or cash flow will be long-term.

The last thing to think about is, what kind of audience are you going to housing in your vacation property?

Depending on the location, you might get younger people that are more likely to enjoy the night life and return afterwards, or you may get families that are on summer trips out to the beach.

With that market research, you’ll know how to handle the fees and expectations.

More alcohol-frenzy audiences will require a buffer for repairs and maintenance, and more thorough check-ups after bookings are complete.

it’s something that you don’t really consider until it’s too late and you’ve incurred some costs that you weren’t expecting.

That’s not fun.

And in that case you may seriously consider getting homeowners insurance as well as liability insurance to protect your home and your venture.

One more piece of advice…

…If at all possible, you might want to check into seeing if you can find houses at a discount.

Since the economy was once a bit poorer than it is now, you might even look into finding properties that you can buy with cash in order to get a discount on retail market value.

if you can achieve that, then you’re already one step ahead in creating positive cash flow and maximizing the profit margins.

Identifying the right place to advertise

Next up is figuring out where you want your audience to come from.

There is VRBO, which in a lot of cases is more suitable for longer term stays.

Something like 1 – 2 weeks or longer, you’l find that VRBO provides the right kind of audience.

But anything other than that, AirBnB is more well-known for shorter terms stays and even by nightly stays.

In general, for vacation homes, especially in destination areas, most visitors are going to stay weeks at a time, so it might be best to set up on VRBO.

It’s important to make sure that you take really well-lit professional pictures of the exterior, interior, and surrounding areas when setting up your listing.

And when you do have visitors, making sure they have all the information they need from being able to operate inside the property to knowing where are the closest and easiest grocery stores or points of interest to get to.

These are all things that affect the experience of vacation homes, and they’re immensely important in increasing the quality of the stay.

This all affects your brand as a rental home, and it’s something that can be repeatable in many homes should you choose to set up multiple vacation home spots.

With that, you can establish a very profitable business with just vacation homes, and the first start can definitely be in Marche, where you get a beautiful view with a small town feel.

Many people enjoy environments like that, and no doubt it will be extremely successful.

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Understanding The Importance of Homeowners Insurance

home insurance

If you’re like me, you have a home (or maybe multiple homes) that you purchased and customized to exactly your preferences.

It was the easy decision to make because why pay so much money for rent when you can have something that you totally own for possibly even half of the cost?

You spent time looking at many houses, picked out the right one, then you painted the walls, decorated it, changed the landscape, and completely made it your own.

Well, what if I were to tell you that suddenly tomorrow the entire thing gets destroyed in a flood, gas explosion, or even a truck runs off the road and drives right into your house?

What then?

These scenarios are exactly what most homeowners don’t think about when they buy a house, but then it comes back to bite them in the ass when disaster does occur.

That’s why I’m here to tell you how important insurance is to your home and why you shouldn’t fall into the “insurance is a scam” trap.

Insurance can save the day when you least expect it

Consider this:

When we’re buying insurance for anything, whether it’s for your health, car, phone, or house, we aren’t buying it so that we can get frequent check ups or for maintenance.

Insurance is primarily for catastrophic events.

Your health insurance isn’t for reduces co-pays, it’s for when you get hit by a car, suffer a heart attack, or suddenly get diagnosed with some terrible disease that the hospitals love charging hundreds of thousands of dollars for.

Would you pay a few hundred a month so that the several hundred thousand dollar bill would get covered?

Well if you just purchased a home for $200,000 and something catastrophic happens, would that be worth paying $700 a year?

That’s where insurance comes in for your home.

Now, it’s also important to realize what home insurance won’t cover.

It’s great to have, but there are other types of insurances needed for some of the issues your home might run into.

One more important fact is to learn that there are many different insurance companies — some are better than others.

When people don’t do their research, that’s when they find that they get ‘scam’ insurance.

Some basic research can help reveal the best insurances available.

Protect your investment with homeowners insurance

Here’s what happens:

When something happens to a house, homeowners insurance covers the structure up to a certain dollar amount.

Generally that dollar amount is going to be equivalent to the value of the home, unless it’s in an area where the value is actually primarily lot value, like downtown.

The value of the building itself will be less than the lot, so the insurance coverage will primarily cover the building.

That means if something catastrophic happens, the insurance company will payout the what you need to either repair or rebuild the home entirely.

For many, this is something that would have saved them a LOT of money as well as stress.

Every year hundreds of thousands of homes are lost due to different circumstances and the homeowners have lost the use of that house.

If these houses were not covered, then they would have a property that is uninhabitable and they are still responsible for the loan on it.

With coverage, they can either pay off the mortgage and get out from under it or they would be able to at least rebuild the property so that they can maintain their lifestyle there.

Don’t forget about home warranty

In some areas, when summer comes around, the a/c never fails to, well, fail.

That’s where home warranty comes in.

Home warranty will cover appliances in the home that eventually breakdown.

This includes air conditioners, heaters, water heaters, dishwashers, stove/ranges, and so on.

When these appliances inevitable break down, you either have to pay the amounts out of pocket or you carry a home warranty from around $50-70 per month that will send someone out there to repair or replace the appliance for you.

This is especially important for air conditioning units.

HVAC systems can cost anywhere from $2000-6000 to repair or replace.

That’s not something that you want to suddenly deal with if you don’t have an extra savings account or planned maintenance budget.

Home warranties can save your ass in cases like that, and believe me, you don’t want to be stuck without an a/c during the summer in some place like Houston.

Protect your home’s value

When it comes to maintaining the value of your home, you definitely want to make sure that everything is as it should be.

When certain parts of your home degrade, so does the value of the property.

By keeping your home covered, you ensure that the value of the home remains up to market value because anything that would damage the home enough to drop its value would be covered by insurance and warranty.

An additional benefit is that when a buyer comes to check out your home, they will see that you kept it in good shape because you took the extra steps to cover its integrity.

This will most certainly come in handy when it comes to selling your home.

Keep your home covered, and your family will stay happy and safe

The last thing any homeowner wants to do is put their family at risk.

That’s what you’re doing when you don’t have backup plans for your home.

When something goes wrong and your family no longer has a roof over their heads, it’s on you for not having them covered from the beginning.

Don’t let that happen.

Take care of your family and take care of your home, something that you’ve paid a steep price for.

You want to protect your asset.

Understanding the importance of home insurance is one of the best things you can do when it comes to preserving your assets.

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Finding Real Estate in Le Marche

Le Marche region is pretty as a picture with its breathtaking countryside with artistic towns and quaint villages. Marche Country has some of the most beautiful country homes, cottages, villas, and farmhouses. It would be an utter joy to be a part of this fascinating piece of land.
Buying a house in Marche Country is not easy and sometimes the price for your dream home can be well above your budget. Hammering out a deal that is acceptable to all parties can become very stressful. Here are a few tips on how to get a good price for a home in Marche Country.

Do Your Homework Before Purchasing A Home

You have a lot of beautiful homes to choose from. It is a buyer’s market and you need to do thorough market research before attempting to buy a property. You can do a comparable search and find out the true value of the property. Find out at what prices similar homes have been sold for.
Looking at the list to sales ratio will help you understand the ratio between what a property was initially listed for and what it ultimately sold for. It will help you to decide on how to negotiate.

Negotiate Like A Pro

Once you decide on what type of home you want and do the necessary research, you can negotiate like a professional.
Many of the homes in Le Marche are restored and has great historic and architectural value. Do a thorough home inspection. If you find any damages, you can ask the seller to fix it or offer less than the asking price.

Hire Good Real Estate Broker

If you feel that you are not experienced enough to do this on your own, it is always advisable to hire a good real estate broker. They will know the lay of the land better than you and can help you make a good deal.
There are many legalities associated with buying a home in Le Marche. Having a real estate broker will help you to finish the processes without any hiccups. Many real estate brokerages such as Tier 1 Real Estate, a real estate brokerage in Bristol, CT – mentions that you should shop multiple homes before deciding on one.
Le Marche is a paradise for those who seek the sun and a better lifestyle. It is truly one of the best places to live.

Nation’s Top Real Estate Market: Houston

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While we’re investing in our own neighborhoods and towns, there’s one huge boom happening across the way: Houston. Even before Hurricane Harvey’s influence on the market due to flooded homes, because of the sheer size of the city and land surrounding it, real estate investment has always been prime as homes and neighborhoods constantly go through waves of revitalization.

Even after 2008’s market crash, the Houston market was quick to recover, as was pretty much the entirety of Texas’s economy. The market has been booming with an uptrend and real estate investment has been a pivotal part of renovating different neighborhoods within the city and its suburbs. More and more residents are moving into real estate investment as a means of building long-term wealth, which also ends up helping many homeowners in dire situations because they’re able to get out from under a mortgage that is drowning their finances.

After Hurricane Harvey, an influx of investors and contractors further increased the market’s trend as there were many homes being bought and sold due to flood damage or were otherwise uninhabitable. Other situations like fire damage or simple long-term vacancies are very prominent in a large city such as Houston with almost 3 million in population living there. Because of the age of the city, there’s also a lot of probate/inheritance or aging out of a home that requires a quick sell to liquidate for cash. All-in-all, there’s a huge market for real estate, which means Houston’s real estate economy a “blue ocean”.

Aside from the existing neighborhoods, there’s constant new development happening in the west and north of the city. The Woodlands and Conroe areas are expanding and building more as residents move from the inner city into these new development areas. Richmond and Sugar Land are also hugely popular in the southeast of the city, which have new master plan developments happening every year and homes are consistently pre-sold for residents that are looking to move out into the suburbs for family life or are moving in from other surrounding cities. The oil & gas industry promotes a lot of long-term residents to relocate in from other states, and most of the time these industry workers stay with a corporation for a large number of years. This means that they look to find a place the settle in for the long haul.

Houston’s market is great not only for trade workers and house flippers, but for those that are looking to rebuild neighborhoods, develop new areas, or deal in commercial. Both resident and commercial real estate presents a lot of opportunities in several areas of the city. The Third Ward district is already going through a gentrification as many of the old homes and warehouses are being bought up and redeveloped into new residential housing, which was in the works before Harvey. Post-Harvey, housing demands have significantly increased and there’s simply not enough housing to handle the displaced families from flooded homes. As such, there’s a reliance upon real estate investors who have the capital to actual take a damaged home and restore it so that these families can get back in them. Many individuals or families do not have bank loans as an option to restore a damaged home. That’s why real estate investors who use private funds are able to restore them to a point where families can get approved mortgages to purchase them.

This shows how the real estate investment market is not only just a means for building wealth, but it helps homeowners in need and helps housing needs that otherwise would go unmet due to how bank mortgages operate. Without investors, families would not be able to find new homes when they go through a disaster that a bank or insurance company tries to dodge when it comes to claims or restoring a property.

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Second Home Ownership – Investing Tips and Benefits


Clarington Homes

If you are planning to go for second home ownership, don’t think twice since you are definitely not alone. Although many people usually worry about double mortgages and property taxes, two-fold utility bills, and twice the price of heating systems, plumbing, fixtures, and roof maintenance, still, many homeowners find second home as extremely lucrative investments. 

Second homes could be a retirement home, a permanent getaway spot, or something that can give you profit through lease and rentals. Depending on the location, a second home can also be a great venue to escape the buzz and hustles of the city. Here, you can simply sit back, relax, and spend more time with family or friends. 

Unlike renting vacation homes, you will be able to revamp your second home based on your personal interests and tastes in such a way that you, your loved ones, and other occupants feel the most comfortable. Aside from that, as far as marketing is concerned, the value of homes has lesser risks of depreciation, or they don’t often depreciate at all. 

However, before plunging into second home ownership and buying that second home, it is a must to consider all of your needs to reach a good decision. How should the home look like? Where should it be located? Do you have to get someone who is an expert on real estate to help you in your decision making? How about property taxes?

Below is a quick guide to help you kick start in making one of your life’s biggest investments:

Decide About Its Look – This basically depends on your lifestyle and your location. If you do not want to keep your lawn in your second home each time you go there and you want to rest on weekends, select the options that are low maintenance. You also have to be sure about its size. Consider the second homes that are bigger sizes if you like your relatives and family to be in it.

Where Must It Be? – Search for an area that suits best your hobbies, personality, and interests. If you’re a party person and you like to be located with the bars conveniently, best diners, and clubs, look for a second home in a city. Nevertheless, if you do not want to travel to far distances yet wants a closer and peaceful place closer to nature space, find a second home that’s an hour or two drive from your first home. Typically, second home owners prefer the locations near the vacation areas where they could play golf, kayak or surf depending on their preferences.

Take some time to ponder and decide before buying a home for sale in your chosen location. Keep those tips in mind for you to ensure success when buying your second home. There are tons of homes for sale out there. Start searching in real estate sites online and know what you want in a house and where you want it. Settle your finances and get the assistance of a real estate agent.



Recognize The Difference

In our last post, we talked a little bit about using real estate investors when it comes to selling a property. It turns out that some people use investors and agents interchangeably, or they believe investors are just people that dump cash into a property. That’s only partially true. To help give a clear set of differences between real estate agents and real estate investors, we have an infographic to lay it out.

Credit for the infographic goes to

Real Estate Agents vs Investors

When You Need To Sell Your House In A Hurry

Options For Selling Your House

Sometimes we come across troubled times and our home, although the last thing we want to give up, becomes something that we can release as a burden or help us liquidate to get into a better situation. There are multiple ways to deal with the sale of a property, depending on the urgency, what current state it’s in, and what kind of timeline we’re under. For this reason, we want to talk about issues with foreclosure and why you may want to consider an unconventional buyer, a real estate investor.

Selling a home is something you should give some thought to if you want to make sure you get the most money possible for your investment. There are many different reasons you may choose to sell your home, but no matter why you are doing so, you can use the helpful tips shared in this article. Continue reading for advice you can use when you are selling a country house to a real estate investor.

First of all, you will want to learn how much your country home is worth. There are many different ways that you can go about doing this. You may choose to have a professional company look do an inspection of the house and give you an amount. Another thing you can do is have a real estate agent help you determine the value. The more information you can get about how much the country house is worth, the better you can price the place to sell.

Then, you will want to prepare the house to sell. You can do this in many different ways. You will want to clean it completely, from top to bottom and inside and outside. As you do this, you will want to take notes as to the repairs that need to be made. After you have cleaned the home, you should make any repairs that you deem necessary. If you are planning on selling to a real estate investor, you may want to discuss these repairs with them before you spend too much time or money on them. They may have different ideas in mind.

After that, you should discuss with the real estate investor the terms of the transaction. You may find they want to give you less than you would like for the country house. If this is the case, do your best to stand your ground and do what you can to get a fair price. On the other hand, the investor may be willing to give you more than the asking price. This is a good thing and obviously you won’t want to argue about that.

Once you have found the investor and worked out a deal, you should have someone you trust look over the official paperwork. This may be someone you already know and trust. Or, you may need to hire someone that can do it for you. No matter which option you choose, you will want to make sure that everything is correct and you know exactly what to expect as far as the deal goes.

In cases where you’re under a tighter deadline, a real estate investor will be able to help expedite the closing, sometimes in under 7 days. This may one option when you’re looking at how to stop foreclosure at the last minute.

In conclusion, when you want to sell your country house to a real estate investor, you should take some time to learn as much as you can about the transaction. By doing this, you will be sure to get the proper amount for the home and be satisfied with the transaction. Use the tips that have been shared here to help you have a successful home sale. You can reach out to Sell My House Easy Fast ( for more information on how to work with a real estate investor or finding cash offers for your home based on their network of investors, or visit them here.