Homeowners Landscaping & Gardening Guide 2018


What Are You Going To Find In A Landscaping & Gardening Guide In 2018?

There are all kinds of landscaping tips and tricks that can be helpful to homeowners. What’s good in 2018? Naturally, what you do in regards to your lawn and landscape can have everything to do with area in which you live. Then there are of course the universal tips that are good for any homeowners out there, no matter where they live. Here is a quick and short landscape and gardening guide for 2018 from Careful Gardener – the online garden shop.

You certainly need to take into account both the sun and wind patterns when it comes to your home. They should have everything to do with how you end up setting up your landscape. You may be thinking in terms of plants, flowers and trees, but what about patio furniture? What about barbecue equipment? There are other things to be thinking about, too, in terms of landscape design when it comes to sun and wind patterns.



Experts also caution homeowners not to do too much too fast. That may sound like an odd tip to read when it comes to finding out the latest landscaping tips in 2018, but people sometimes move too quickly. I once saw a small business change their landscaping all at once, and everything looked a little cheap and fake. Landscaping should look natural, and it needs time to really take shape.

Are you familiar with the importance of scale and pacing? Also, sometimes you really think you see a certain plan coming to fruition, but it doesn’t turn out quite the way you wanted. That can certainly have to do with scale, too, if you aren’t careful. One thing for sure, a trend in 2018 is hiring landscaping services to do some work. Just remember that you don’t necessarily want them to do everything all at once. What else is important for homeowners to think about in terms of landscaping in 2018?

While you want to watch how quickly you implement landscaping changes, you do want to be open to change. Just remember that patience is key, and it should also be mentioned that repeating certain elements and colors is also a trendy move. Take a look at the current state of your landscape and evaluate what needs to be done. Perhaps you need a little help, and you can count on a reputable landscaping company for that help. They will fill you in on the rest of what you need to know in terms of landscaping in 2018.