How Landscaping Can Seamlessly Integrate Into Your Home Architecture

LANDSCAPING with your home's architecture

Your home isn’t only the interior space but the building and its surroundings as a whole. If you want to raise the curb appeal of your property, you need to take into consideration improving your landscaping and making it look like part of your home architecture. This article shows you a few methods to do just that.

Why even bother with landscaping?

Living in a house or in a detached villa is a great opportunity to create a beautiful scenery around your home. By planting the right trees and by painting your house in colors that match the natural surroundings, you’ll create an oasis of beauty, a welcoming dwelling your guests are going to be impressed with at first sight. This means you shouldn’t overlook the importance of creating and maintaining a vividly colored garden. The simple addition of a water feature can curb the appeal of your home. Water attracts birds, and that can be another opportunity to surround yourself with natural beauty. A pond could also be the perfect focal point for the eye of the viewer, a place where you’ll enjoy to relax and to think about life and about all those things that matter to you.

Understanding the costs of landscaping

Good landscaping should resonate with your own values and with your personal preferences. Of course, it should also fit into your available budget. Rather than dreaming about building something spectacular but never achieving it, you should consider how much money you can spend and then figure out what kind of improvements you can afford. If you can’t afford to create a pond and to populate it with fish, you can choose a smaller water fountain and install some bird feeders around it to attract some of these lovely creatures. Even mowing the grass regularly can make a huge difference to the overall impression people get when they see your house.

A neat courtyard speaks volumes about your personality and about your most important values in life. If you neglect taking care of the exterior of your home, everything is going to look dull and run down, and that’s nothing to look forward to. If you are on a budget, make the mots out of what you already have. Paint the walls of your home, repair the roof, and clean the fence every year. Cut the grass, plant some flowers and perhaps start a small vegetable garden. All these require vert little money, so you won’t be breaking the bank by doing them. If, on the contrary, you can spend something to make your home look better, it’s time to think big and to take action.

Considering a professional

For best results, consider hiring an expert in landscaping, like the guys over at Frontier Landscaping & Lawn Care (who have generously contributed this article). These professionals know how to bring your ideas and your dreams to life by creating a unitary landscape in which each element plays its own role. One this you need to keep in mind if you live in a climate with seasons is that not all plants are green or blossoming all year round. You need to make sure that once tulips are gone, there’s going to be something else blossoming to add some color to your garden. If you want to enjoy greenery even during winter, you may want to plant some coniferous trees.

Nonetheless, if you also love the warmth and the color palette of the fall, you should mix and match multiple types of trees. Oak and maple are only two examples of trees you can plant around your house to curb the appeal of your landscape during summer and fall. Blossoming trees are also beautiful. Magnolias, for instance, are awesome in spring. Pair them with some pine trees and with palm trees, and you’ll be amazed by the look you’ll achieve. You’ll only need to spend a big chunk of money in the beginning, to make everything look like you want. Maintaining the landscape will be less expensive, as you’ll only need to cater to your plants to make sure they are always in good health.

These are only a few ideas to help you understand how landscaping can be part of your home architecture. You don’t need a huge budget to make all these things happen. However, you should have a well-defined strategy and an action plan, in order to make sure you communicate the feelings and emotions you want, regardless the weather and the time of the year.