A Look At The Different Types Of Plumbing Pipes

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Many different types of pipes are used for residential or commercial buildings. Some typical types include PVC, PEX, Copper, etc. The kind of tube that is used depends on the location of the pipe and what it is used for. So, in this article, we will take a closer look at each of the different types of plumbing pipes as well as their typical usage.

The first type we will look at is stainless steel pipes. These pipes are beautiful to look at; however, they are costly. These pipes are usually used in coastal areas and in areas where the pipes are susceptible to corrosion. These pipes can be purchased in either rigid or flexible format, and you will need to get different couplings so that they can be fixed or attached to other pipes. Many people get these stainless steel pipes mixed up with galvanized pipes, but they are entirely different.

Next, we will look at PEX pipes which are quite popular in residential areas as well as with small businesses. These pipes are made from flexible plastic, and they are expensive to purchase, however, they are very cheap when it comes to maintenance. It is also straightforward and fast to install, and it is a great pipe to use for water distribution in a home or building. It is also leak free, especially in comparison to copper piping. The main drawback of using this pipe is that it can’t be used outdoors due to the UV rays of the sun which will damage the plastic.

Thirdly, we will look at copper piping which is the most popular and common type of tubing that is used. These pipes are very reliable, and they have excellent resistance to corrosion while being easy to manage. Copper pipes are also fantastic for both hot and cold water, and the only issue is if you have to solder these pipes together, then special fittings will be required. Of course, most people aren’t skilled in adequately soldering copper pipes, so it is best to get a professional plumber to do so for you.

PVC piping is another type of pipe that is commonly used for hot and cold water as well as sewage. These pipes come in a variety of sizes and thickness which depends on how and where they will be used. To put this into perspective, the PVC piping that is used for sewage versus the tubing that is used for pressured water or drainage systems will be entirely different.

Next, we will look at galvanized pipes which were used many years ago in mainly residential projects. However, this is no longer the case since these types of pipes are susceptible to rust. Therefore, it is best to use these type of tubes to transport water such as grey water and non-drinking water.

In closing, we have just looked at some of the different types of plumbing pipes that are available. There are many more so be sure to continue researching and learning about different pipes. Be sure to check back for more information on plumbing or home repair in general. This is part of our Savvy Homeowner series, and we’ll be posting more articles such as this that will be available on our homepage () !